Things To Do When You’re Bored P.2

Learn about an new topic

Research something new and become an expert! You learn new things and enrich your brain!

Improve your writing skills

Sit down and write a story, a poem, or even a song. Just get your creative juices flowing!

Read some books

Reading doesn’t only serve as a fun pastime, but it’s open to all ages and has lots of variety. Even if you are at home, you can read ebooks from the library or kindle. Reading is also proven to have enlarged one’s vocabulary, supplimenting them with scholarly words when writing anything from an email to a story. 

Make a dream board

Making an insparational dream board is exteremly helpful whether it’s online, on paper, or even in your head. Fill it with soothing quotes that will make you feel good and motivated. 

Cook something new

When you’re bored at home try a new recipe! It will be a nice change and is a good way to experiment with ingredients!

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