Santorini, Greece

Where is Santorini and what is it?

     Santorini is an island in Greece. It is highly scenic and has many amazing sights to see.


Why should you explore this site?

     Oia, Santorini is known for its simply magical sunsets. Going on a sunset cruise is a good idea to fully enjoy this island. The 3 blue domes of the churches are also a popular photo spot. Oia is probably the most picturesque places in all of Greece.      

     Santorini is known for its delicious seafood. Even if you are vegetarian they have tomato, vine wrapped leaves, and olive dishes available, such as Fava Me Koukia (mashed up fava beans) and Tomato Gefthedes (tomato fritters).

     The architecture is phenomenal in Santorini. The island is filled with white painted houses and cobbled lanes. The beautiful houses will always stay at the perfect temperature,  in summer they stay cool, and winter they keep warm. 


Interesting Facts

     The island only got electricity in 1974. Before that, they didn’t have electricity. 

     Santorini’s official name is Thira. Before it was called Santorini it was known as Kallístē, which means “the most beautiful one”.

     Santorini is actually part of an island chain called the Cyclades. It is called that because the island chain forms a circle. 


Where to Stay

     Despite the remoteness in Santorini, there are various hotels. One of the best hotels in Santorini is Astro Palace. They have outdoor jacuzzis, beachfront rooms, and many more. 



How to get there

     There is only one airport in Santorini, and it is fairly small. A flight from ATL to Santorini can take up to 40 hours. Another option is to fly to Athens airport and drive for an hour to the port of Piraeus. Then take a 10-hour ferry to Santorini. 




          “ Even if you’ve never been to this Cyclades island in the Aegean Sea, you’d still recognize it immediately – candy-colored houses carved into cliffs, sapphire waters, gleaming white buildings topped with half-spheres the color of a stormy sky. Here you’ll find peace as you roam the black sand beaches or the streets of a provincial village like Imerovigli. Beautiful Oia is world-famous for its sunsets, which seem tinted with every shade of an artist’s palette.”

     “  We visited Santorini and had the Greeka Tour. They were on time to pick us up, our guide was excellent and the sunset at Oia was a wonderful addition. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most of Santorini in one day.”



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