Things to Do When You’re Bored (Part 3)

  • Learn a new language

Pick up your computer and download a language app. Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your time everyday to learning a new language or improving ones that you already know. This way, your boredom will be cured and you’ll learn a new language that might help you one day. 

  • Call someone you haven’t talked to 

Call up an old friend and catch up with them or leave an friendly vociemail. 

  • Clear out you’re fridge

Clear out you fridge and organize it. Throw out old expired items that you would have missed before. 

  • Bake something 

Wether it’s your own recipe or someone else’s,  baking is a great way to channel your inner creativity.  Add in treats like chocolate chips or wlnut to your batter or go crazy with decorations!

  • Play board games or put together a puzzle

Put your phone down and turn off the TV. Sit down with your family and play a game or put together a giant puzzle. Regardless, it feels go to spend time with your loved ones. 


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