Debate Cross Ex Questions

Topic: Should we sell weapons to countries with a high risk?


  • Doesn’t the CAT policy protect human rights?
  • As you said before about human rights abuse wouldn’t it be worse if evil countries bought weapons from a country with fewer rules for arms trade and even more people’s rights get abused?
  • As you said in your inherency speech, the US supplied arms to 73% of the world’s dictatorships, but not all dictatorships are bad, so wouldn’t it be unfair to stop selling arms to these countries?
  • How can you be sure that your plan will work?
  • How many evidence sources do you have?
  • What impact will your plan have on U.S. citizens?
  • Economic security IS national security, shouldn’t we first make sure our economy is stable, before worrying about other countries?
  • How do you know not selling weapons to foreign nations won’t backfire on our own country?
  • Won’t there be a high chance that we will get into a power war if we stop selling armed weapons to the high risk countries?
  • What about the weapons they already have?
  • Do you have proof that they create “great jobs at great wages”?
  • Do you have proof that countries will turn to Russia?


  • Which is more important, economic security or national security? 
  • What would happen if countries broke the “strings attached”?
  • Can’t people get jobs manufacturing a different product?
  • Are we willing to trade jobs for lives?
  • If the CAT policy is working fine, then why are innocent civilians such as Jamal Khashoggi being brutally murdered?
  • When is your timeframe?
  • How can you be sure your plan will work?
  • Why would people want a weapon job when there are jobs that are far safer and higher-paying?
  • Why are they buying from us now if they can perfectly buy from Russia if they want to get away with these human rights violations?
  • The cost will be massive (as in the evidence), and couldn’t this help pressure the countries to follow the peace process?
  • Is it true that people are being replaced by technological advancement?
  • What is your plan doing about the bloodbaths in Libya?
  • Do you have evidence that you stopped selling to high-risk countries?
  • You said that changing the status quo is causing a toll in our country’s economy. If you want to keep the status quo due to economic circumstances, are you saying that our economy is more important the lives that are being lost due to the selling of weapons to other countries?
  • Selling weapons to risky countries seems profitable since they need guns. What happens though when those same weapons come back to attack the United States?
  • The timeframe for the CAT policy is so long. Wouldn’t just be better to do the affirmative plan since human rights abuses are going on as we speak?
  • You said that the CAT policy is supposed to prevent human rights abuses, but then why are we still selling arms to dangerous countries, such as Afghanistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, who abuse and oppress their own citizens?


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