Killer Bees Honey Tours – Sapphire Valley, North Carolina

Killer Bees Honey Tours

Come and experience our natural sanctuary and the bees who call it home (or hive).

The Killer Bees Honey apiary tour & honey tasting will introduce you to the elemental intensity of a hive, its queen, and her subjects. Included is an upfront and personal bee meet & greet, an opportunity to pour your own bottle of honey and culminating with a taste of the delicious fruits of their labor.  Watch the bees as they tend their hives and forage for nectar. Learn what they are doing and why they do it!   Each tour is limited to 12 people, allowing for a greater personal experience.

In a world overwhelmed by distractions, let our honeybees share their ancient routines with you. Lose yourself in the inner workings of a hive as thousands of bees commit to their daily regiments of caring for each other and the flora around them. Come to understand that a nurse bee taking care of larvae, or a foraging bee flying from a nectar source then returning to her colony are not arbitrary movements, but carefully choreographed, precisely defined duties. Honey bees are social insects. They are fiercely connected to their sisters and their queen. The only thing that  separates them is their division of function and labor.

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