Termite Treatments for Your Home

Soil treatments: These are applied directly to the soil under and around your home. This treatment sets up a barrier that eliminates termites once they come in contact with the material.

Bait Systems: These are designed to eliminate entire termite colonies in and around your home. Termites find and eat the bait, then share it with other members of the colony.

Wood treatments: Preventive Wood treatments as a standalone treatment would only be for pre-treatments on new construction. As a preventive, wood treatments are used in conjunction with the other methods for post-construction

Irrespective of the type you want to take you should go for Total Coverage Termite Guarantee that means you should look for

the company cover the cost of repairing any termite or wood destroying insect damage with an unlimited retreatment and repair guarantee.
and cover the structure AND contents of your home.
and inspect the property every year, not just the first year.
and allow you to transfer your termite protection when you sell your home.

some of the company for termite applications.



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