sell your house for a flat fee , no more 6% commission

Sep. 15 | London-based Purplebricks launches its new U.S. business in Los Angeles. It offers the full services of a regular real estate brokerage for just $3,200. Purplebricks were featured on BBC’s Watchdog following an investigation into claims of misleading...

lowest 12 month fixed rate in the market for natural gas for $37.

Nov. 20 | Sign up by December 3 for the lowest 12 month fixed rate in the market. on natural gas. Switch to SCANA Energy now for the 12 month fixed rate in the market to Save month after month. Hurry, this price expires on December 3. Call 877-308-1354 and mention...

contractor Jason Harvey accused of stealing from clients around $650,000

Nov. 8 | A local contractor turned out to be an ex-con. But the people who hired him to build their homes had no idea. Now they say they’re victims. Daryl Williams had a plan to build his dream home on a lot in Paulding County. He gave builder Jason Harvey more...

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garage flyers

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air condition problems

Aug. 13 | air condition problems how to fix or repair find out what might be the problem get the quote from local contractor how much for diagonizing  and what is the labor rate for hr do they have flat rate (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle...

exterior remodeling

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light decoration

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Home buying tips

Aug. 11 | Home buying Tips Here are some of things that might help you in making the home buying process easier. For home buyer there will be challenges in each step so one need to proceed with caution.   Step 1. Find out the location where you want to buy the...


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linkstone remodeling

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tax assessments incorrect for Forsyth County residents

Jun. 5 | Forsyth County Board of Tax Assessors Charles Meagher, Chairman Phone: 770.781.2106 Fax: 678.455.8493 Email: Suite 260 110 E. Main St. Cumming, GA 30040 FORSYTH COUNTY — Forsyth County will be sending out new tax assessment...

$295 closing costs on all Smart ARMs and 10-year fixed refinances

Jun. 4 | Refinancing with Third Federal Why Refinance? Homeowners refinance for many different reasons – no two situations are the same. Some folks refinance to lower their monthly payment and save money while others want to pay off their mortgage sooner, which...

Very good natural gas rate from scana energy 34cent per therm fixed upto 18 months

Dec. 17 | A discounted 12 month rate plan that requires a contract. A $150 early exit fee will be assessed if you cancel before the end of the term. There is a $5.95 monthly customer service charge. A $7.50 fee may be assessed by Atlanta Gas Light if you switch...

how to choose a home in a good school district

Dec. 4 | narrow your search using the school area using school digger Find the best elementary, middle, and high schools. Search for schools near any address, compare test scores, sort by school rank, class sizes, and more. enter the school address you are interested...

inspection by third party

Dec. 4 | Comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of construction Whatever the size of your project and wherever the location, we can provide you with extensive experience spanning all aspects of construction. That is why,...

inspection checklist

Dec. 3 | Backfill Surface drainage Manholes Ditches adjacent to building Trees and vegetation on site, including hazard trees General site maintenance Parking area if applicable Fences Poles Railings Building Accessibility (From Parking area to building.) Pathway...

lowest natural fixed price gas rate

Nov. 25 | Deregulated Natural Gas Prices for Georgia Comparison of natural gas offers are below. Save money at home. Deregulated Natural Gas Supply Rates Commodity prices in ¢/therm   Supplier Variable Price 1/2 Yr. Fixed 1 Yr. Fixed 18 month Fixed Price 3 Yr....

smart home

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features to look for in a home

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How to negotiate and what to avoid

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what is closing cost and what to look for

Oct. 28 | what is closing cost and what to look for Some of the common fees associated with the home buying. Real estate commission: This is the total dollar amount of the real estate broker’s sales commission, which is usually paid by the seller. This commission...

prep work before buying a home

Oct. 28 | check how much of a house you can afford. [mortgagecalculator] Check if there is presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant near to your property .Cleanups in your Community (CIMC) enables you to map and list hazardous...

some of the things that one might need to do after closing

Oct. 28 | some of the things that one might need to do after closing  check usps office for moving coupons  change the lock after getting the key to house  do a binding contract with moving company (check the forum for different company)  video record all your...

Homes and Townhomes

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Home Inspection

Sep. 23 | Home Inspection check for all the certified inspectors for new home :- get it inspected two times , one before drywall and one before closing if possible get a structural inspection done all these inspection usually cost around $300 get a raddon...

Home Insurance

Sep. 23 | Home Insurance Ameriprise through costco (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Tips for your Dream Home

Sep. 23 | Tips for your Dream home The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once! Via Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows...


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List of builders around atlanta

Sep. 15 | find your dream home Ryland’s new homes offer much more to homeowners than used homes and rentals in terms of efficiency, quality and features. See how a new home can save you money, build equity and offer you peace of mind.   MyStyle® Design Centers...

Sprinkler system

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