Our introduction of this new event was so successful we’re
bringing it back this year. It’s the British version of a yard sale,
with everyone selling stuff from the back of their car or truck.
Your vehicle doesn’t have to be British born! If it has a “boot”
(that’s what we Brits call the trunk of a car) it qualifies.
We assign one regular parking space and you can set up a
table at the back of your vehicle if needed. The attendance
at last year’s Car Fayre was more than 15,000 people, so pack
your car or truck with anything you think might sell. It’s only

$15 per vehicle to participate and you must pre-register. While you shouldn’t expect to get rich, you’ll have a lot of fun turning your used stuff into someone else’s new treasure. Last year’s

sellers all reported worthwhile results.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & REGISTRATION


  Register your car or motorcycle now!
Registration closes on Friday, September 8 at 7 pm.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
•  Our arrival and registration desk opens at 8:30 am. We try to keep the same marques together in
one designated area, so your pre-registration and early arrival helps. However, we can only set
aside a specific area, not an assigned space. We work very hard at this on the show day!
•  Discounted advance online registration cost is $15 per car, $10 per additional car and
$10 per motorcycle.

•  Day of event registration cost is $20 per car, $15 per additional car and $15 per motorcycle.
   For access to registration area on arrival follow signs on Holcomb Bridge Road onto​ Thrasher St.​ CLICK HERE FOR AREA MAP

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